We can provide hope by voting for selective divestment from companies   that profit from the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.


                              “Let us love, not in word or speech, but in truth and action.” (1 John 3:18)



As illegal settlements expand on stolen Palestinian land


As ancient olive trees are uprooted and homes are demolished


As civilians are killed and buildings destroyed by aerial attacks


As armored trucks cart away the rubble of destroyed buildings


As a tramway is built to connect illegal settlements to Jerusalem


As a huge cement wall divides the West Bank


The General Board of Pension and Health Benefits has made almost                $23 million from 9 companies whose products sustain these activities.


It divested $77 million from 17 companies doing business with South Africa.


It can divest from Israel’s occupation. 



Our Book of Discipline says: “It shall be the policy of The United Methodist Church that all general

boards and agencies, including the General  Board of Pension and Health Benefits, and all

administrative agencies and institutions, including hospitals, homes, educational institutions, annual

conferences, foundations, and local churches, shall, in the investment of money….endeavor to avoid

investments that appear likely, directly or indirectly, to support violation of human rights.

…The boards and agencies are to give careful consideration to shareholder advocacy, including

advocacy of corporate disinvestment.” (2004 Book of Discipline, ¶ 716)


Yet the General Board still owns stock in these companies:


Caterpillar Corporation supplies bulldozers and earth-moving equipment to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).  The IDF uses these to destroy Palestinian homes, orchards and olive groves in the Occupied Territories. General Board Statement: “We are not currently nor do we intend to advocate that Caterpillar discontinue its sale of equipment for use in the occupied territories.” March 4, 2008

United Technologies produces Blackhawk helicopters which are used by the Israeli military to attack Palestinian cities, refugee camps and villages.  This company is already on the list of prohibited investments maintained by the General Board. ITT (below) is also on this list.

ITT Corporation provides the Israeli Defense Forces with intensifier tubes for night vision goggles. These are used by pilots and crews of aircraft that attack Palestinian villages at night.

General Electric supplies propulsion systems for Israeli Apache and Black Hawk helicopters.  It   also provides engines for a variety of military aircraft that have been used in attacks on Palestinians.

Oshkosh Corporation supplies Israel’s military with tactical trucks and armor kits for Medium Tactical Vehicles.  Oshkosh is on the list of prohibited investments maintained by the General Board.

Motorola is engaged in a $93 million project to provide radar systems for enhancing security at  illegal West Bank settlements deep inside Palestinian territory. It provides a special communications network for Israel’s military, and makes fuses for aerial munitions.

Veolia Environnement owns Connex, a central partner in a new $500 million light rail system     that will link Jerusalem to the illegal settlements of the occupied West Bank.

Cement Roadstone Holdings owns part of Nesher Cement, which claims on its web site to be     the sole cement producer in Israel.  Cement is a key element in Israel’s annexation wall, the checkpoints, and the illegal settlements built on Palestinian land.

Terex provides Israeli contractors with mobile floodlight towers, tactical trucks and cranes to build     the illegal settlements and the wall that annexes some of the most fertile Palestinian land to Israel.


Resolution 312, passed in 2004 by a vote of 877 - 19, says United Methodists oppose the Israeli

occupation.  Thousands of Palestinians and more than 160 Israelis have been killed since that vote.                        We cannot wait four more years to act!


Ten annual conferences have passed divestment resolutions: New Eng, VA, Cal-Pacific, Cal-Nevada,

Rocky Mt., New York, North Central NY, Northern Illinois, Baltimore-Washington, Oregon-Idaho.


Vote “yes” for divestment from companies that enable the occupation to continue.


Please note: This is NOT divestment from Israel.  This is NOT divestment from Israeli companies.   This is NOT divestment from companies that do business in Israel.  This IS ONLY divestment from companies that are supporting and making money from an illegal occupation we oppose.